Highlights Vol 1 - Streetwear Culture

Bobby Hundreds | 'The Blueprint'

In the streetwear industry, I don't know of anyone that's mastered the art of story telling like Bobby Hundreds from The Hundreds . The Hundreds ability to continuously portray their interest in art & culture into their brand has always been their strong point. Bobby Hundreds and Noah Callahan-Bever of Complex sat down to talk in Complex's new video series 'Blueprint'    

Los Angeles Apparel

Dov Charney (ex-owner of American Apparel) takes another shot at the industry with his new company Los Angeles Apparel.

I had seen the brand Los Angeles Apparel over the last few months in one of my wholesale vendors catalog and they caught my attention. They were uniquely  labeled as "100% made in USA" and this isn't too common in the clothing blanks industry. It wasn't until I received an email newsletter a few days ago from a wholesale vendor, titled "A message from Dov Charney", that I was able to put together the fact that the brand Los Angeles Apparel was Dov Charney's new beginning after American Apparel filed for bankruptcy in 2015. 

See the full story here on Bloomberg

Benny Gold x Black Scale

My two favorite brands Benny Gold and Black Scale are set to do a collab for the first time. Official product pictures have yet to be released but here's a sketch from Benny. The collab drops 7/22/17